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Omg I know. This holiday season has been rough on my tummy. Saturn just moved off a square to my sun, which was hard, hard, hard, but exhilarating as it went exact at 29 degrees, because I was rolling around enjoying the fruits of labour. I sense this will create a lot of disruption for my Taurus stellium all personal planets , Year of the Ox mother. I should say Saturn squaring early degrees Aries moon and mercury. Venus also Aries, but 24 degrees.

Sun, Venus, and Saturn closing in on my Venus at 6 Cap…. What a gift. And it comes at a time when you are connecting with family…some lovely fourth house energies there. Happy holidays xxx. Thanks, Chrysalis! I am truly blown away by this letter.

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It has helped lift some weight off my family issues and made me feel seen and validated by my mom for probably the first time in my life. Sometimes it takes a lifetime for people to have a breakthrough. Amazing to get a letter like that. My deluded Piscean mum and my voidal Virgoan dad will never do that. I was really shocked to receive this letter, and was never even waiting around for something like this.

My mom is a Virgo with Pisces moon. I have a Pisces moon, too. My mum was 18 too, dad On some subconscious level I always hope to get something like this from my mother although I know it will never come. It was easier for me when I cut all ties with her. I would cut all ties completely but for my dad. Going to have saturn transiting my fourth house where my natal lillith, uranus, neptune and north node reside. What should I pay attention to? I am libra rising and am feeling Saturn in Capricorn in big way already as it moved right in on my 4th house Neptune.

I think Saturn in 4th is a bit like Saturn square moon my current transit. I went through Saturn in pisces 4th some 20 years ago now. I was definitely about feeling alienated from family and putting boundaries up against parental-me triangles and other family patterns that were toxic. I started the transit post-divorce without a home or job and had to learn FAST to deal with a lot of things I had always avoided before, mostly to do with financial literacy.

Holy crap. Interesting times. My second was a surprise Taurus. She was my Saturn in early Sag return!

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Definitely forced growth! I was reading that progressed moon phases , like not progressed moon but the moon phases based on the phase at our own birth I think? Someone else has better info? Thanks for everyone for the kind words… This is baby business is nerve wrecking but fingers crossed! That calculation is so difficult somehow. Waning GIbbous… I think? And congratulations! I had a kind of early in life baby planned, but without conventional things like a job or any clue what I was doing and it was very tough but oh so amazing.

When she was two I went back to school and finished my degree, then went through accelerated nursing school in a crazy 15 months. Haha the nerves and the excitement!! And will be awesome and hilarious company themselves.

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I love the idea of a whole pride of leos! Never a dull moment. Blessings for a smootht 8 months. Not sure if it was when mercury went direct or when Saturn moved into Capricorn, but I have come down with a horrific fever — sweats, chills, cough, headache, aches, the lot. Dunno what my body is trying to tell me, whether it is an allergic reaction to Christmas or what.

I think I have tonsillitis which is ridiculous.

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Small talk! Be safe and see you back here in January for the start of my second Saturn return. The beach is calling me! You coming up to Nth Rivers?

I love this question! First Saturn square. Wobbly teeth like Saturn encounters are also a bit scary and painful… And unavoidable!

The fairy willingly visits and offers something to the child as an acknowledgement of their progress. According to R. Definitely Saturn but you could argue that Mercury is impacted if you believe Steiner! I am beyond exhausted. Saturn in Sagg was a real slog.


Last time round I successfully got my uni quals, had a blast socially at college and landed a high paying job. I am mindful of the need to build up a safety net this time tho. Sag moon too and spot on about the exhaustion. Emotionally and physically. Yes — Sagg is my first house sun and mercury, natally squared by 10th Virgo pluto uranus opposite 4th Jupiter chiron conj exact.

So like Scorp Saturn which hit my Ven-Nept-Dark-moon-rising square natal saturn opp natal mars , it has been a transit hitting a really heavy t-square for me. Saturn now 2 degs off exact square to my Moon. So that is probably not helping.


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The week after Saturn left Sag I averaged 9 hours of sleep a night and did not track my naps of which many and long. Then got a spectacular cold and threw my spine out of whack. Very clearly needed to rest after several massive years of pushing. Yeah, same. I feel like I need a holiday from the holidays now. Not sure i understand…is it wordplay or sarcasm? It was more about moments of feeling and understanding connections of the crisscrossed world, how it all kept me alive by just being the interconnected world, a marvel or an irritant, the things i could see having their own life but seemingly ignored, and the sensory knowing of it in my bones and heart.

I do recognise writing as a way of expressing as an outlet for abuse. My high school efforts were never about the set tasks. Rather they were dark enough, weird enough for one teacher to refer me to the school counsellor. And l do love languages esp the history of English German ruined by the French…haha. Happy Saturnalia…surely an oxymoron.

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A Cap sky has me forbossive. My Moon is showong ……again. Not too much, i just wanted to check. I feel like Capricorns have a flavour in their rainbow which must appeal to a water sign!

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Happy Caps can splash but are still grounded. Happy Saturnalia Mille, I love the poetry of all your comments here! Watery, shimmering, Emerald quality to your words. The integration of selves is interesting. Aging is so harmonising, I also feel more whole and like a much played instrument that I am confident to tune and hit the right notes. I have Saturn moving through my 7th right now, it is rather like a parsing then an integration of selves.

And there is so much support to be had! And still: what aort of book?