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Let your Type A side out to play, Gemini: Everyone will benefit! Have your self-care routines turned into a snoozefest? Geminis need variety.

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If your morning meditation no longer enlivens you or weightlifting is weighing you down, take a pause. Let your body rest. Research options without committing to anything. Sure, intermittent fasting sounds intriguing, but is it right for YOUR body? Great news: Energizer Mars will zoom into Scorpio and this healthy zone from November 19 to January 3, , pumping you up with motivation. Speaking of Mars, the randy red planet is in Libra until November 19, heating up your fifth house of passion and fame.

You might be too busy turning heads or juggling multiple love interests to prepare grain bowls from scratch. Geminis of the childbearing set could have pregnancy news as your fifth house of fertility is revved up. Just watch for a more challenging kind of fireworks on November 5, when Mars locks into a heated square with power-tripping Pluto, which is in your eighth house of intimacy and control. A fast-moving attraction could be stalled by your unwillingness or theirs to get truly vulnerable.

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Surrender is required at a certain point—but how soon is too soon? Some old trust issues could flare up. YOU certainly do! But are you seeing things clearly? This realm can be both receptive AND deceptive. On the one hand, you may find yourself in a situation that humbles you and forces you to drop your defenses. Say a loving goodbye to all that, Gemini. This lunation will be opposite Mercury retrograde in your health zone, making this an ideal time to rest and reflect.

Your subconscious is highly active now, but your whirling thoughts could ramp up stress and make you susceptible to getting sick. La luna will also form a harmonious trine to structured Saturn and penetrating Pluto, which are both in Capricorn and your intimate eighth house. And if you need to really shake things up, wait for November 24, when disrupter Uranus in Taurus will oppose Mars in Scorpio. The moon-Saturn-Pluto alliance could also bring an opportunity to invest in property or a financial gift from a family member, perhaps through an inheritance or a loan.

A fresh wave of relationship energy rolls in on November 22, when the Sun starts a monthlong visit to Sagittarius and your seventh house of companionship and commitments. If you put off signing contracts while Mercury was retrograde advised by astrologers or your bonds hit a few bumps, get busy making amends and inking deals. The November 26 Sagittarius new moon could bring an exciting partnership opportunity with a person whose skills and superpowers pair perfectly with yours. And it keeps getting better! On November 27, hazy Neptune ends a five-month retrograde in Pisces and your tenth house of career.

For those gathering with family for the U. Thanksgiving weekend, there will be plenty of intimate bonding and maybe even a holiday proposal as the moon, love planet Venus, serious Saturn AND deep-diving Pluto all cluster into Capricorn and your eighth house of merging, investments and shared finances. Is it time to get Instagram- or TikTok-official with your sweetie, or to bring your lives together in a more permanent way?

Financially, Black Friday might be less of a shopping spree and more of a time to mindfully put your money into something that pays dividends. Consider setting up an affiliate shop that curates your own favorite brands—and maybe gives a portion back to charity. You can do good and earn some passive income. Everyone wins! A suitable — and affordable — plan will be possible so keep looking until you find an option that works on all levels.

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Avoid blurring the boundaries with family when Mars touches Jupiter and Neptune September 12 — Giving someone a second chance is ideal, but not if it comes at great cost to you. Within this period, you also have Mercury in Virgo August 29 — September 14 to help you manage logistics or balance schedules, especially to do with maintenance and repairs, or updating the technology in your home.

This will also be a great time to sign contracts or deal with paperwork relating to a move, renovation, contract for purchase or lease. From November 8, until December 3, , you have a wonderful chance to improve a special partnership, at work or in your personal life, or to meet someone new.

Jupiter only visits your relationship sector once every 12 years, making this a special time to develop an important partnership, or find common ground with a significant other. New insight, understanding or learning around the true meaning of relationships will be possible, as you strive to manifest the vision you have of your ideal partnership.

Jupiter will tangle with Neptune in January, June and September, which may be months that ask you to consider profound questions about compromise and compassion in relationships. You may explore the edge between giving and receiving, and discuss ways to make the flow of affection between you and someone else more even.

In addition to the glowing Jupiter in Sagittarius love cycle, you also have a double dose of Venus to help enhance important partnerships, as Venus will visit Sagittarius and your relationship sector twice, from January 7, — February 4, and November 2 — 26 The extra strength romantic combination of Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius gives you lots of celestial support to enhance a special romance or to meet someone special worth spending time with.

Venus and Jupiter are closest on January 22 and November 24, which are two brilliant days for love, affection, romance and attraction. In addition, Mars will work with Jupiter on January 26, July 25 and November 13 bringing confidence, courage and the daring to go after a special relationship dream. You may make a sweet impression, or find others want to collaborate with you, when Venus tours Pisces and your 10 th house of fame, success and honours from March 27 — April You might update your professional look or image, or splurge on your work wardrobe. Your efforts to make a polished impression then can pay off, as others notice and admire your sparkling image.

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Special dates for a breakthrough at work include March 27, and April 12 and Communication planet Mercury has an extended tour through Pisces and your career sector from February 10 — April Self-expression can be the key to success then. Review how you express your ideas at work and look to be clear and concise so that others understand your input. Some delays or crossed wires are likely, especially when Mercury retrogrades, or moves backwards, from March 4 Second chances for any work opportunities missed then are likely during the first two weeks of April.

Details may be hazy when Mercury encounters Neptune on February 19, March 25 and April 2 so double check details to avoid a mix up at work. If you have to submit professional paperwork or organise a large scale logistical project then, be proactive about confirming and double checking.

A stabilising pattern, between Saturn and Neptune, in February, June and November, can bring lasting security into your work life. Fun, enjoyment and generally enjoying the good in life is highlighted from September 14 — November 19, when all four personal planets tour Libra and your 5 th house. You might discover a new hobby or relaxation past time, or simply remember how important down time is to success, as counter intuitive as that sounds. Especially upbeat dates include September 25 and 29, October 14 and November You may hear happy news, about children or love; you might discover or rediscover a favourite hobby.

These are ideal dates to spend doing things that make your heart sing, or to spend time with people that remind you of joy. Quality time can lift your spirits now. With so much activity in other areas of your solar chart, there may be less time and energy for major discoveries or grand adventures. That said, you will have minor triggers in your 9 th house from January 20 — February 19 and March 2 — 27, which will be ideal periods in which to explore new territory, either through the mind, through learning, studying or teaching, or out in the world, through trips that take you into new places.

Fun dates on which to plan a special experience, or to shake up your routine with a different commute or venue for end of week drinks, include February 4 and 8 and March You have luck on side then and may feel restless with anything familiar. If so, change your environment or settings as much as you can. These are also great dates on which to blend romance and adventure. You might be busy with a number of social or networking events as begins, thanks to Mars in Aries and your 11 th house of group connections.

Friends may love your confidence, or you might take the lead role in organising a get together. You may be asked to join a professional organisation, or become involved in a committee connected to a personal passion. Your willingness to lead or get things started can help you stand out from the crowd now.

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A difference of opinions with a friend may need to be managed carefully when Mars links to Saturn and Pluto on January 21 and February 2. On the other hand, you may be blessed by the thoughtfulness of a friend or well-connected mentor when Mars works with Jupiter on January You may feel inspired or ready to take action. Mars visits Gemini just once in two years and can help you remember a pet project or put a personal priority first.

You might need to make a tough choice between dreams and details when Mars squares off with Neptune on April A decision to either deal with a personal matter or push ahead professionally may be needed, as Neptune can cloud motivation or fog facts. You may celebrate a personal success, or take time to develop a side interest or hobby. During this period, take plenty of personal time for self-development and growth.

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You may explore a new style of spirituality, or crave a deeper connection with your faith once Uranus settles into Taurus on March 6. This is the start of a longer, eighth year trend, that can reshape your understanding of yourself as a spiritual being. You may be increasingly drawn to nature, or find being outdoors helps ground, calm and centre you. April 23, when the Sun and Uranus join in Taurus and your hidden 12 th house, may bring a breakthrough or flash of insight that helps you more deeply understand your inner most self.

Time alone, or time out to rest and recharge, may be essential when Mars tours Taurus from February 14 — March If you have a project to work on then, opt for a secluded or isolated setting, as being away from distractions can enhance productivity. This is your once in two years chance to step back from your regular routines and responsibilities to reflect on what goals and challenges you would like to set for your next two year Mars cycle, which begins on March 31 when Mars move into Gemini.

Acknowledge your successes from the last two years, and let go of any unfinished business.